Weapon 101 – Paris / Mk-1 Paris / Paris Prime

The Paris (specifically the Mk1 Paris) is the first bow that new players are introduced to when starting Warframe for the first time and is a deadly single-target option good for precision hits and pinning Grineer to walls and bulkheads. The Paris series of bows focuses primarily on Puncture Damage, which has intrinsic Damage bonuses against both types of Grineer Armor types, making it an excellent choice when running through the Vor’s Prize opening quest. The Paris and subsequently the Paris Prime are linear upgrades to the base Mk1 Paris, both sporting increased Damage and better stats than the bow that came before. Charged shots of the Mk1 Paris, Paris, and Paris Prime have innate punch-through, allowing them to pass through enemies and cover to reach additional targets. The Paris is a deadly silent weapon with significant stopping power, made by Tenno for a singular purpose: skewering bad guys.

How to Acquire

The Mk1 Paris is available as a starting weapon and can be picked up in the opening mission of the game for free, or purchased from the market for 15,000 credits. The Paris Blueprint can be purchased for 20,000 credits on theMarket at Mastery Rank 3. The build requirements aren’t terribly restrictive, but do require resources not found on early planets.

  • Credits
    Credits 15,000
  • Morphics
    Morphics 3
  • Plastids
    Plastids 600
  • Polymer Bundle
    Polymer Bundle 700
  • Nano Spores
    Nano Spores 2,000

Paris Prime is available through relics and has a Mastery Rank 8 requirement.

Stats by Variant

paris stats
mk1 paris stats
paris prime stats

The Mk1 Paris starts off with 100 base Damage, 80% of which is Puncture Damage, making it effective for the early Star Chart against Grineer but is quickly outclassed as the base Damage is not high enough to compensate for the increase in enemy Health, Shields, and Armor as the player progresses. The Mk1 is a good introduction to bows, but without a significant Forma investment will not carry a player much farther than the first few planets.

The standard Paris has a similar Damage spread, using mostly Puncture Damage to tear through enemy Armor. This bow also has increased Critical Chance and charge attack Damage, making charged headshots critical in taking out enemies as fast as possible. The Paris shares the same amount of punch through on charged attacks as the Mk1, topping out at 1m, which will carry a bolt through about one enemy or one piece of light cover.

The Paris Prime further improves on the bow’s Damage output by increasing the Critical Chance, Critical Damage, and Status Chance of the base Paris, making this bow the zenith of the Paris series of bows. The Paris Prime boasts the second highest Critical Chance of all bows in Warframe, trailing only behind the Dread and the Lenz. The Paris Prime’s charged attacks also boast the highest Damage of the Paris line as well as the highest punch-through at 3m, enough to pierce four Butcher units and keep on going.

Crit or Status?

Without a doubt, the best way to mod the Paris bows is to max out their Critical Chance as their Status Chance and rate of fire will not reliably proc Status effects. When modded properly, the Paris Prime has a decent chance for very high Critical Damage resulting in what is commonly referred to as ‘orange crits,’ which do significantly more Damage on a less consistent basis. Bow weapons also have access to a specialised mod called ‘Thunderbolt,’ which causes the arrows to explode at random causing extra Damage. Enterprising Tenno may feel it necessary to use fire-rate mods to decrease the charge time of the Paris to increase arrow output, which while not a bad decision will also increase the rate of ammo consumption causing impromptu switches to your secondary or melee in combat.

The Paris series of bows are solid for early in the Star Chart, causing bonus Damage to the armoured Grineer enemies present on many of the early planets. They introduce new players to the mechanics of bows in Warframe including the subtle arc of arrow flight, charged shots, punch through, and the most fun part: pinning enemies to the walls. These bows are iconic parts of Warframe and should be used by every player if only to experience one of the quintessential weapon classes of the game. However, these weapons cannot be relied on in higher level play without significant time and resource investment.

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