Episode 38 – Devstream 126

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Episode 38 is here! And it was preceded by a Devstream, so we’ve got lots to talk about this week! In fact, there was just a lot to talk about this week in general – it was a bit nuts really!


  • News: Article 13 & Warframe, April Fools, Equinox Prime is out on all platforms, POE Remaster is out on PC, and Warframe has a Discord now
  • Discussion: Devstream 126
  • Beginner topic: What to trade for Platinum
  • Advanced topic: Focus School, pt 3 – Unairu


Episode Notes:

Copyright, Article 13, and Warframe:

Warfame/Path of Exile crossover (April Fools):

Equinox Prime is out on all platforms!

Mogamu’s fourth and final interview is out – covers Railjack:

Plains of Eidolon Remaster – out now on PC!

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