Episode 39 – Thoughts on Umbral Forma

It was a busy week in Warframe news this week, so there was a lot to go over, but aside from that, the Cephalons have a very interesting discussion around Umbral Forma and the future of Warframe. What does Umbral Forma (and the Umbral/Sacrifical mods) say about the way things are headed? It’s unknown at the moment, but there’s a lot to consider…


  • News: Xbox Avatar, PSN Name changes, Wolf of Saturn Six Episode 4, Atlas Deluxe, the Webby Awards, a new RustyFIN song,  and Easter competition, Discord Nitro, and Plain of Eidolon Remaster coming to consoles…
  • Discussion: Thoughts on Umbral Forma
  • Beginner topic: Trading
  • Advanced Topic: Focus Schools Pt 4 – Zenurik

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Episode Notes:

Free Xbox Avatar! Excalibur Dex outfit available until April 30 – access via the Xbox Avatar Store

PS4 players can now change their PSN ID – DE has confirmed there are no major issues with Warframe accounts

Wolf of Saturn Six episode 4 is now available – you should DEFINITELY watch this one

Atlas Karst Collection is now available on PC, and it looks sweeeeeeet

Vote for Warframe in the Webby Awards (nominated for Best Action Game and Best Sound Design) – vote by April 18

Awesome new Warframe-themed metal track by RustyFIN – this time all about Garuda, and it’s called “There will be blood”

Warframe has an Easter Competition called Easter for Dummies. It’s an Obstacle Course Competition – information can be found on the forums…

New Discord Nitro goodies! Looks like Discord Nitro users will be getting freebies every month… Interesting…

Plains of Eidolon Remaster update is in Cert for all consoles!

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