Episode 40 – Accessible Gamer Interview

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Wowee – Episode 40! That puts us 9 months into this little experiment-turned-definitely-not-a-cult, and we are going strong! Not only did we hit 50,000 total listens this month, but we are now also an official Warframe Fansite & Podcast! Yeehah! Thanks for joining us thus far, and here’s to another 400 episodes (or more)!

In this episode, we interview Warframe Partner Accessible Gamer, as well as covering the usual news and tips etc. Check it out!


  • News: Changes to Wolf Spawns and Arbitrations, PlayStation Platinum discoounts, and Easter celebrations.
  • Interview with Accessible Gamer
  • Beginner Topic: Credit farming for beginners
  • Advanced Topic: Focus Schools, pt5 – Madurai

Follow Accessible Gamer on Twitter here!

Check out his Twitch Channel here!

accessible gamer

Episode Notes:

We’re excited about some news we got last week – we are now an OFFICIAL Warframe fansite and podcast! YAY!

DE released a guide to London Airport for anyone travelling to TennoCon

Changes applied to the Wolf spawns (to make him arrive more often)

Plains of Eidolon update is now available on all platforms… yay!

PlayStation Platinum discounts!

Changes coming to Arbitrations – a Revive Station that can revive fallen comrades…

Spring (Easter) stuff is available – Ephemera, Bunny ears, colour picker – plus a few weapon skin Alerts!

Thanks for listening – please use the Contact Us link at the top of the page if you have any feedback!

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