Episode 41 – Michel Postma Interview

Another week, another episode of CEphalon Squared – surely, you must be getting used to us by now! We’re just settling in, and we’ve got a lot planned for the future… That said, it was a quiet week this week, what with the Easter holidays – still, there’s always time for more Warframe talk.

In this episode, we interview Warframe Partner Michel Postma, as well as covering the usual news and tips etc. Check it out!


  • News: Webby Winners, Xbox Plat sale, Prime Vault coming soon, End of the Wolf of Saturn Six episodes, Arbitrations update hits PC, Featured Dojo competition is running again…
  • Beginner Topic: Are the Prime Access Packs worth buying?
  • Advanced Topic: Focus Lenses

Follow Michel Postma on Twitter here!

Check out his Twitch Channel here!

Watch his YouTube videos here!

michel postma

Episode Notes:

Warframe won the Webby Awards for both Best Action Game and Best Music/Sound Design!

Xbox One now has a Platinum Sale!

Prime Unvaulting as of April 30 (Loki and Volt)

The Final Episode of Wolf of Saturn Six has hit the airwaves!

The Aribtrations update has hit PC…

The Featured Dojo contest is live again for Spring (Autumn)!

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