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Harow has one of the best frame-specific questlines in the game, itself taking a horror theme. More than that, his questline is directly related to (and generally considered a part of) to core story arc, so it’s imperative that you play through it, not only because it’s awesome.

Aside from that, Harrow himself is a pretty complex warframe, so we hope we did him justice in our beginner’s overview here. He is a really flexible frame, so we recommend checking him out, but do pay very close attention to his Abilities, as they are easily misunderstood.

Harrow Abilities:

  • Condemn
  • Penance
  • Thurible 
  • Covenant
  • Passive – Conviction
Augment mods:
  •  Warding Thurible
  • Lasting Covenant
Don’t forget we also have a Harrow 101 article (with awesome fashionframe-comp-winning art by DerpaChief himself), so check that out as well!

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