Minor update on PC brings changes to Arbitrations

A new update was deployed to PC today, bringing a couple of new changes to the Arbitrations system. For those that are unaware, Arbitrations are high-level special Alerts that appear once players have completed every node on the Star Chart. To date, there were no revives in Arbitrations, so once a player was downed that was essentially it, but this new update makes a slight amendment to this…

Revival Stations

Now, when your team mate falls in battle, a Revival Station will appear near them.Surviving players will then need to target Arbitration Drones and collect the “Resurgence Burden” that they drop – but keep in mind that this will also debuff the player carrying them. Five of these tokens must be collected, and they must all be put into the Revival Station at the same time, so this is not a simple “get out of death free” card. We’ll save our opinions of this until we actually try it out, but provided it itself is still a challenge, I think this might actually be good for the mode.

Additional Changes

Along with this major change, enemy scaling has also been adjusted to scale much more like regular missions. This means that enemies will reach higher levels faster than they used to, also increasing the challenge.

A new drop has also been added to the Arbitration rotation table (drops that are awarded at the completion of a challenge) – Aura Forma blueprints! These are expensive (costing 10 Nitain, 4 built Forma, and an Argon Crystal), but will forma the mod polarity on your Warframe to allow mods of ANY polarity! Personally, I want one of these for all of my warframes, please DE!

In addition, there are a bunch of new items to purchase from the Arbitrations Market using your hard-earned Vitus Essence, including:

  • Archgun Rivens!
  • Amprex Telos Skin
  • Atomos Telos Skin
  • Atterax Telos Skin
  • Illumina Judicium (a light sculpture for your Orbiter or Dojo)
  • Judicial Oculus (for your Operator)

Let us know your thoughts!

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