More changes to Riven Disposition

Riven mods, for those not in the know, are essentially late game weapon mods with random stats that can provide huge buffs to weapons, tipping their Damage output over the edge. For this reason, they are extremely popular, and are a strong driver for the trade market, with players searching for Riven mods to suit their favourite weapons.

Each weapon itself has its own disposition, represented by four dots in their stats – a higher disposition means that a Riven mod for said weapon would be on the higher end of the power spectrum, while a lower disposition is the opposite. This disposition is driven by weapon popularity, as Digital Extremes believes that weapons that are more heavily utilised by the playerbase are likely to be so because of their intrinsic power output – and for the most part, they’re right.

Over time, though, some balance needs to be applied, as eventually things start to get out of hand – not to mention the fact that weapon popularity itself also shifts over time. In order to easily address large-scale power creep, DE tends to revise Riven dispositions from time to time. Note that this not only affects new Riven drops, but also Rivens that are currently in your possession, which is why some players tend to dislike these changes (although I’d argue they are better for the game overall). So yes, the stats on your existing Riven mods will already have changed.

This morning, DE announced some new changes, and while I will list them all at the bottom of this article, I’ve summarised the major changes below. For more detail, see the forum post on the official Warframe forums.

Summary of today's Changes

  • Bows are heavily under-utilised, and so are receiving buffs to disposition in general
  • Thrown secondaries are also less popular than they perhaps could be, and are also receiving buffs
  • Kitguns are extremely popular (as they well should be!), and have received some reductions to disposition as a result – there is still room for more, but the team will evaluate
  •  Melee riven changes will be coming following the completion of phases 2 and 3 of the Melee 3.0 update

Disposition Changes

Arca Plasmor: 0.7->0.6
Amprex: 0.85->0.7
Argonak: 1.1->1.2
Baza: 1.1->1.0
Boltor: 0.79->0.95
Braton: 1.01->1.1
Burston: 1.25->1.3
Cernos: 0.92->1.1
Corinth: 1.05->0.95
Daikyu: 1.21->1.3
Dera: 1.25->1.3
Dread: 0.9->1.1
Ferrox: 1.1->1.15
Gorgon: 1.35->1.4
Grakata: 1.15->1.2
Hek: 0.7->0.85
Hema: 1.1->1.2
Ignis: 0.7->0.6
Javlok: 1.1->1.2
Lanka: 0.95->0.85
Latron: 1.15->1.25
Mutalist Cernos: 1.26->1.35
Nagantaka: 1->1.05
Ogris: 1.25->1.3
Panthera: 1.5->1.4
Paris: 1.05->1.2
Penta: 1.25->1.3
Quanta: 1->1.1
Rubico: 0.95->0.8
Scourge: 1.1->1.15
Simulor: 0.7->0.85
Snipetron: 1.165->1.25
Soma: 0.55->0.75
Stradavar: 1.25->1.15
Supra: 1->0.85
Sybaris: 0.9->1
Tiberon: 1.3->1.1
Tonkor: 0.75->0.95
Torid: 1.2->1.3
Vectis: 0.92->0.85
Veldt: 1.1->1.2
Vulkar: 1.45->1.4
Zarr: 1.08->1.15
Zhuge: 1.18->1.25

Akbronco: 1.2->1.25
Akjagara: 1.43->1.25
Aklex: 0.92->0.85
Akvasto: 1.3->1.2
Angstrum: 1.4->1.3
Ballistica: 0.95->1.05
Brakk: 0.95->1.1
Bronco: 1.3->1.35
Catchmoon: 1->0.8
Cycron: 1->1.1
Despair: 1.24->1.3
Dual Toxocyst: 1.25->1.3
Gammacor: 0.65->0.8
Hikou: 0.75->0.95
Hystrix: 1.05->1.1
Kohmak: 1.3->1.35
Kulstar: 1.2->1.25
Lato: 1.4->1.35
Lex: 1->1.05
Marelok: 0.65->0.8
Ocucor: 1->1.1
Plinx: 1->1.1
Pox: 0.95->1.05
Pyrana: 1->0.8
Rattleguts: 1->0.9
Sicarus: 1.3->1.15
Sonicor: 0.65->0.8
Spira: 0.85->1
Stubba: 1.25->1.3
Tombfinger: 1->0.85
Twin Grakatas: 0.85->1
Twin Gremlins: 1.4->1.3
Twin Kohmak: 1.2->1.25
Twin Rogga: 1.15->1.2
Vasto: 1.4->1.35
Zakti: 1.1->1.2
Zylok: 1->1.15

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