New Augments for Khora, Nidus, Revenant, & Garuda

The latest mini update for PC – the one that brought the awesome Atlas Deluxe skin that I can’t wait to get my hands on – also brought with it a bunch of new augment mods!

While there are some pretty good augments in here, perhaps the most important thing to note is that Garuda and Revenant finally have their first augments.

garuda augment

Garuda: Dread Ward

An interesting augment for Garuda’s first Ability. When you cast Dread Mirror to attack an enemy and strip their life force, Garuda will become unkillable for 5 seconds if this kills the target. Given Dread Mirror is a damage mitigating Ability, this will help make it even more of a panic button for those hectic moments… Still, I would have thought this might have made more sense on her second Ability…

Acquisition: Red Veil, Steel Meridian

Khora: Pilfering Strangledome

This is an unexpected, by highly welcome augment – one that adds yet another frame to the list of viable farming frames. 

With this augment, enemies captured in Khora’s Strangledome will now have a 65% chance to drop additional loot. This puts her right up there with Nekros and Hydroid, but stil not quite as effective as either of those frames. A welcome fourth option (if you include Atlas’ much weaker augment).

Acquisition: Red Veil, Steel Meridian

Khora augment
nidus augment

Nidus: Teeming Virulence

Nidus already has some pretty good augments, and now he has a third – this time, for his first Ability, Virulence.

If you’ll recall, Nidus stomps the ground sending a wave of virulence towards his enemies. With this augment, hitting 4 enemies with Virulence will grant him 120% Critical Chance for primary weapons over 15 seconds. That’s pretty beastly, and I look forward to seeing this in action with a high-crit primary.

Acquisition: Steel Meridian, Perrin Sequence

Revenant: Blinding Reave

For a first augment, I’m not personally blown away by this augment, but it is welcome nonetheless.

Affecting Revenant’s second Ability, in which he surges forward as a wave of fog, stealing Health and Shields, this augment also blinds enemies hit by Reave. I guess it adds some CC to his kit, so it’s not completely unwelcome.

Acquisition: Cephalon Suda, Perrin Sequence

revenant augment

Augment mods are always welcome, and given there are quite a few frames with very few augments (and some newer frames still with none), we will always be excited whenever they are released.

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