Nightwave Weeklies: Series 1, Week 7

Welcome back, Dreamers.

The Nightwave weekly bounties change every Sunday at 12 midnight GMT (or Monday morning, if that’s your preference), so keep your eyes out every week after that time for our weekly update – letting you know the activities you’ll need to complete for the week (note this will not include daily challenges, of course).

This Week's Bounties

The following challenges are in place until Midnight Sunday 14 April/Monday 15 April:

  •  Fully socket 3 (PC) / 5 (console) Ayatan Sculptures
  •  Pick up 8 Rare mods
  •  Complete 9 Invasion missions of any type
  •  Complete 3 Capture missions
  •  Use Forma 3 times
  •  Catch 6 Rare Servofish in the Orb Vallis
  •  Mine 6 Rare gems in the Orb Vallis
  •  Complete 10 Nightmare missions of any type (Elite)
  •  Complete 3 (PC) / 5 (console) Sorties (Elite)
  •  Unlock 10 Relics (Elite)
Strangely, there seems to be a discrepancy between PC and console on some of these – we’ll update if there are any changes.

Some tips

Fully socket 3 (PC) / 5 (console) Ayatan Sculptures:  Sadly, this challenge requires players to either HAVE 5 Ayatan sculptures (unsocketed), or to go out and find them. While f course it is possible to find a statue while out and about, it’s unlikely you’ll find enough. Best to go do Maroo’s Daily challenge for this one.

Pick up 8 Rare mods: seems difficult at first glance, because Rare mods … well, they’re rare. They don’t necessarily drop that often. While it’s quite possible that 8 will drop as you do other challenges, this pairs PERFECTLY with an Index challenge, as all Index mods are Rare, and they drop frequently. TL;DR: go to the Index, if you can.

Complete 9 Invasion missions of any type: This is a god challenge to have, because it kind of forces you to do Invasions – and there are some good things to be gained from Invasions. Of course, you can get some weapons, Mutagen Mass, and the occasional Forma (among many other things), but you can also double up on other challenges that may match the mission type. Tip if this is not the case? Do low level Phorid Assassinations. That can be smashed out quick and easy.

Complete 3 Capture missions: It doesn’t get much easier than this. My advice? Choose a low level capture, rush to the target, take him down, and rush out – you’ll smash out three in under 15 minutes.

Use Forma 3 times: Not one that can be doubled up with anything else, and also a challenge that requires players to actually HAVE Forma… Probably likely to annoy some people, this one.

Catch 6 Rare Servofish in the Orb Vallis: Fishing in the Orb Vallis is somewhat more enjoyable than on the Plains (to me, at least), but it’s harder to catch Rare fish there, sadly. You’re looking for Tromyzon (found in Ponds, when it’s Cold/Freezing), Charamote, or Synathid (both found in Caves in any temperature). Best to take lures, but some suggest Charamote can spawn without lures if you wait long enough. I have also heard that Longwinders count towards this, but am yet to confirm. Couples very well with the Mine for gems in the Orb Vallis challenge (go mining while waiting on fish spawns).

Mine 6 Rare gems in the Orb Vallis: Rare gems are actually quite easy to find, so this won’t take too long. You’re more likely to find them in blue veins, but red veins will also have a chance (but only when the small target spawns). Just do a lot of mining, and do your best to be as perfect as possible – and always go fo the small target if it’s there.

Complete 10 Nightmare missions of any type (Elite): This one isn’t too hard – just a little tedious. Depending on how well equipped you are, it shouldn’t be difficult, but you possibly want to be careful to double dip on things if you are struggling. Still – you need to do 10 of these, so you might be able to double dip by also knocking out any “Do X number of XXX mission type” missions.

Complete 3 (PC) / 5 (console) Sorties (Elite): Pretty straightforward really – just do Sorties. You CAN double up on other challenges while doing this, but I wouldn’t recommend it – just smash out the Sortie. Keep in mind that some Sorties are more difficult than others, so if you decide to skip one here and there, you’ll have to make it up on another day!

Unlock 10 Relics (Elite): Another easy Elite challenge. Keep in mind that you can combine this with challenges that require you to complete a certain number of specific mission types, as you can pick and choose what specific Void Fissure mission you want to do.

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