Improvements to Riven Trading: Phase 1

It seems that DE has been working away feverishly on Rivens over the last week or so! First, we published an article yesterday on recent changes to Riven disposition, and now, we have some updates on the Forums about changes coming to Riven Trading

This one is far more simple, but is a direct response to an earlier hullaballoo around what was being referred to as the “Riven Mafia” and control over selling prices within the market. Regardless of your feelings about this supposed “Riven Mafia”, it’s obvious that there were some shady dealings and that perhaps there was a better way to do things when it came to sharing info with web creators that have websites trying to advertise Riven pricing.

To date, anyone with such a site needed to scrape Trade Chat data on all platforms, recording information between individuals, but never really knowing the actual sale price. This, of course, has the potential to be highly inaccurate, and can be easily manipulated.

The new changes sees DE sharing data with these individuals weekly – being completely transparent with actual trade data for the previous week on all platforms. This allows for better data, and should hopefully squash the shady stuff (note that this data does not include outliers such as 1P trades).

The data being shared initially includes: the Riven mod name, the weapon it is for, how many times it has been rolled, the average sell price, the standard deviation, the minimum sale price, the maximum sale price, and the popularity of this particular Riven among all Riven types.

Exactly how this all pans out is unknown at this stage, but in my opinion, it’s  good first step towards addressing player concerns – it’s great that DE is so open with their data, as well. It makes for a better community overall.

We’ll keep an eye on things as this progresses.

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