Special 2 – Interview with Sheryl Mebane (aka Nora Night)

nora night interview warframe

There really isn’t much to say here apart from – OMG, we got to interview Sheryl Mebane, the voice actor behind Nora Night!

She really is a wonderful person, and it comes out in this interview – she was a blast to talk to and we miss her already. Still, she’s done a bunch of very interesting things and is almost certainly smarter than you are (she’s smarter than us, that’s for sure). If you want more Sheryl, you can hear her lovely voice narrating a bunch of books on Audible, or you can look out for her novels online as well. That said, I think she has a great deal of work ahead of her as Nora Night, so I don’t think this is the last time we’ll be having a chat with her – at least I hope it’s not!

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