Warframe 101: Saryn

Saryn is known as the poison frame. Deadly and beautiful, she uses contagious spores and other poisonous Abilities to degrade her enemies Health, and active play will spread this Damage to every enemy nearby. Saryn has minor Damage mitigation in her second Ability, but she boasts a hearty set of base stats breaking a trend towards fragility for female frames at the time of her release. 

Saryn Prime shares the boon of the highest Energy pool in the game with the likes of Baruuk, Chroma Prime, and Volt Prime; giving her a generous allowance without the need for a Flow mod to keep her abilities available. Saryn was first introduced in Update 7 in March of 2013, and after a recent design update, Saryn has seen a huge usage increase especially in enclosed missions like Defence, Interception, and Sanctuary Onslaught, where her abilities are especially potent.

Note: Saryn’s parts can be obtained by defeating Kela De Thaym on Sedna.


Spores are spawned on a single target and cause Corrosive Damage per second. When Spores are popped by weapon Damage, they spread to other enemies only when the enemy does not die from Spores, or the Spores are burst using Toxic Lash. Spore Damage stacks over time and ramps up when more enemies are infected. This is Saryn’s main Damage dealing Ability and the spreading and Damage ramp-up mechanics, along with the inherent Corrosive Damage, are what see her easily through high-level play. Cast Spores, spread Spores, kill everything, repeat. The Spores augment mod Venom Dose, allows Spores to be cast on allies, granting their attacks extra Corrosive Damage.

saryn spores


Saryn sheds an outer skin and leaves a shell behind that will distract and draw enemy fire, allowing Saryn to escape from her foes. The Molt will stay active for a time, granting Saryn a speed boost and drawing aggro. Activating Molt also gets rid of all active Status Effects on Saryn. If Molt is recast, its timer runs out, or Saryn casts Molt again, the Decoy will explode causing Toxin Damage with a 100% Toxin Status Chance on enemies in a small area. 

Molt can be cast by a Saryn at any time while performing any action without interrupting that action, excepting while Saryn is upside down in a flip or dodging. This will leave a Decoy in Saryn’s position at the time of casting and in the same body position as Saryn. This means Decoys can be left in mid-air, in front of consoles, or blocking doorways or other paths for enemies. Spores cannot be cast on a Molt Decoy. The Warframe Augment Regenerative Molt adds an additional effect to Molt, allowing Saryn to regenerate Health after casting this ability.

saryn molt

Toxic Lash

When cast, Saryn imbues her weapons with Toxins, adding a percentage of Toxin Damage to all attacks, and giving a 100% chance to inflict a Toxin Status. All weapon attacks while Toxic Lash is active will burst all Spores on a target and spread them to nearby enemies, whether the player’s attack hits the Spore or not. Toxic Lash is a deceptively simple Ability that turns Saryn from a Warframe with Toxic Abilities into a wave of Toxic destruction. 

Toxic Lash can be enhanced by the Augment mod Contagion Cloud, which causes enemies killed by weapons affected by Toxic Lash to leave behind Toxic clouds, which cause Damage to enemies for 12 seconds.

saryn toxic lash


Saryn releases a large amount of viral mist, hitting all enemies within the Ability’s range. This causes a short stun and inflicts Viral Damage over six seconds with a 100% chance to cause a Viral Status on cast and on each tick of damage. Miasma causes 400% more Damage in the six-second window to enemies affected by Spores, making it extremely likely to kill the affected enemy and spread the Spores even farther. Miasma grants Saryn the ability to spread her Spores to an entire map and makes her especially deadly in Sanctuary Onslaught, where she has seen a huge amount of use since her rework.


Saryn’s passive Ability, Potency, makes Status Effects caused by her weapons last 25% longer.

Stats by Variant

saryn stats
saryn prime stats

Saryn Prime has higher Armor (300 vs 22%), Energy Capacity (200 vs 150), and a slightly higher sprint speed. Saryn Prime comes with an extra V polarity that makes her easier to build without adding forma. Her base of 300 Armor effectively means her Health pool is doubled, so we’d recommend modding for Health and Armor.

Saryn is an absolutely terrifying concept for a Warframe. She is the master of Toxin Damage, covering three out of the four damage types (excepting Gas) that can be created using Toxin as a base. Her Abilities put these Damage types to good use, causing high amounts of Damage over time in a wide area. Saryn pairs perfectly in Sanctuary Onslaught with an Equinox running Maim, or even a pair of Equinoxes playing Maim patty-cake. Saryn’s kit is well synergized, enough for her to find applications in most any mission type, but she shines in more stationary modes such as Defence and Interception, where her spores can reach more enemies, and her Miasma can cover either the entire tile or most of the playable area. Enemies would quiver at Saryn’s approach, but most likely they would already be dead.

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