Weapon 101 – Afuris / Dex Furis

dex furis

The Afuris is the dual version of the Tenno automatic sidearm, the Furis. The Dex Furis is the Dex version of same, with some little improvements – improvements that really make the Dex Furis worth grabbing during the Anniversary event (in March every year).

How to Acquire

The Afuris has a Mastery Rank requirement of MR4, but the blueprint is only 15,000 Credits from the Market. That said, you do need to have two fully built Furis sidearms in order to build them in the Foundry…

  • Credits
    Credits 20,000
  • Furis
    Furis 2
  • Orokin Cell
    Orokin Cell 15,000

The Dex Furis, on the other hand, is awarded as a reward for completing the Anniversary Gift from the Lotus Alert in March every year. It is also awarded with a weapon slot and Orokin Catalyst. That said, it does have an MR10 requirement…

Stats by Variant

dex furis stats

As an Auto, the base Damage of the Afuris is quite low, but the fire rate more than makes up for that. Still, the reload time is quite slow, and the magazine size is a little low, so you will find yourself going through ammo very quickly…

The Dex Furis, on the other hand, has even lower base Damage than the Afuris, but the fire rate is significantly higher, and the weapon holds much more ammo than the Afuris, so overall it’s a major step up.

Crit or Status?

The Afuris doesn’t have high enough Crit or Status Chance to deserve a specific build in either regard, so just build it for straight Damage. However, the Dex Furis has better stats for both, but leans far more strongly towards Status Chance with a base of 28%. That’s pretty huge, and you can easily hit 100% with the right mods. Given the huge fire rate, you can apply a hell of a lot of Status very quickly. Still, even given the high ammo reserves, you can go through ammo very quickly, so it pairs well with Carrier or some Ammo Mutation mods.

The Afuris isn’t all that impressive, to be honest, but it’s not a complete write-off. On the other hand, the Dex Furis is up there as one of the better secondaries in the game (but note I didn’t say “one of the best”), able to apply consistent Status Chance extremely rapidly, with fairly good ammo conservation. You should definitely grab the Dex Furis if you can – it’s worth your time, and you might find it’s exactly the type of secondary you were looking for.

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