Weapon 101 – Cronus

The Cronus is a ceramic Sword of Tenno origin, that is strangely one of the weapons employed by Captain Vor. It’s not an amazing weapon, but for brand new players, it’s a good alternative to the Skana and Heat Sword, but it is quickly eclipsed by other weapons as you traverse about the Star Chart.

How to Acquire

The Cronus blueprint is a guaranteed drop from Captain Vor the very first time you take him down, then it drops to 5% drop chance. The crafting materials required are very simple, so it shouldn’t take too much farming to get this sorted – you will need to have at least reached Mars, though.

  • Credits
    Credits 15,000
  • Morphic
    Morphic 1
  • Ferrite
    Ferrite 500
  • Polymer Bundle
    Polymer Bundle 75


cronus stats

The base Damage is nothing to write home about, but the good news is that is is weighted towards Slash Damage, AND it comes with a base V polarity. Attack speed isn’t great, sadly, but on a good note, it has an excellent disposition, so it is possible to find an amazing Riven for the Cronus… if you really want to use it.

Crit or Status?

Neither is really high enough to warrant a targeted build. Just build for straight Damage using 90% Elemental mods (if you’ve got them) and move on once you hit max rank.

The Cronus isn’t a bad choice for the early Star Chart, but then again, nothing is “bad” when you’re fighting enemies with such low Health and Armor. It’s outclassed even by the time you reach Jupiter, so you probably really only want to be using this for Phobos and Ceres – if you haven’t already found something better.

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