Weapon 101 – Lesion

Forged from Tenno and Infested tech, Lesion is a nightmarish polearm that delivers on the promise its form implies. It stands out as one of the strongest polearms in the game and also one of the most popular. Highly effective against your foes’ Health pool, Lesion will Slash through with ease and buff itself as you fight.

How to Acquire

Lesion’s Blueprint may be purchased from the Market for 25,000 Credits (provided you are MR7) or pre-built for 150 Plat. Forging Lesion will take a bit of planning, as the Tipedo is a required component. Adding to the build, you’ll need to offer up Bo and Kunai to forge the Tipedo initially, so you do need to keep that in mind. It drives for a large material list, but you’ll pick up some Affinity along the way to help you toward the needed MR7. Otherwise Saturn is your gate for farming the other materials.

  • Credits
    Credits 15,000
  • Tipdeo
    Tipdeo 1
  • Plastids
    Plastids 400
  • Neurodes
    Neurodes 4
  • Nano Spores
    Nano Spores 2,300


lesion stats

Though it is a bit of a path to build, Lesion is worth the investment. It currently holds the second highest overall Damage. Starting off at 100.0, it delivers it mostly as Slash (75.0) with a side of Impact (20.0). It also has the highest innate Status Chance of all Polearms, starting at 30%. These high stats are balanced out by only a 5% Crit Chance and very little Puncture damage. But don’t fret, despite those stat hits, Lesion still has a couple of tricks based on landing a Status Proc.

Crit or Status?

Lesion is a weapon best built for Status. Throwing on the Dual Stat Mods can get you to 100%, and with its low Crit Chance, this is most likely the way you want to go. Raising your Status Chance increases your chance for some other benefits as well. When Lesion lands a Status Proc, it will receive 15% attack speed boost for 6s as well as a +100% Toxin Damage buff. Looking at the attack speed first, you should note it does combine mod effects but does not stack or refresh with repeated Procs. The attack speed buff timer must first run out before it will activate again. On the Toxin Damage side, the boost will combine with Primary and Secondary Elements you have modded for. This also synergises well with Saryn ,who buffs Status Proc Duration by 25%, meaning more Damage Over Time. And with her Toxic Lash, you’ll land that Status Proc with Ability Damage stacking with Lesion’s bonus Toxin Damage.

Likely available to you around the start of Mid-Game, Lesion is a great contender that you can carry on to Late-Game. Yes it is a bit tricky to build, but the path to forge will help you earn Affinity without having to buy additional Weapon Slots. If you elect to equip it, also keep an eye on the “jaws” of Lesion, which will close while you have it holstered and take a bite out of your enemies while in a combo. It is a very fun weapon that can make quick work, and then quicker work, of anyone close by.

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