Weapon 101 – Sibear

It’s as cold as ice, but are you willing to sacrifice your love for IPS Damage? Coming in near the top of its class, Sibear will have your foes running in fear, saying “Winter is coming!” Innately Cold, this Hammer hits hard, but to fully harness it you’ll need to master its combos to truly bring the hammer down.

How to Acquire

To carry this hammer of ice into the battlefield, you’re going to have to do a fair bit of farming. Its blueprint can be picked up from the Market for 15,000 credits once you’ve reached MR6. Alternatively you can purchase it premade for 165 Plat. 

What makes this one a grind? Well, to build you will need to offer the Magistar as tribute, along with 30,000 Cryotic. And no, I did not add an extra zero by mistake, you will have to protect up to 300 Extractors if you’re not using boosters to save up for the Sibear. On the plus side, if you build it, no other in-game item requires as much Cryotic and only one other requires more Alloy Plate, so you’ll knock out one of the larger farms.

  • Credits
    Credits 30,000
  • Magistar
    Magistar 10
  • Cryotic
    Cryotic 30,000
  • Alloy Plate
    Alloy Plate 50,000


Sibear has an interesting Stat breakdown that’s highly affected by how you wield it. To start, it currently stands in a three way tie for the third strongest hammer in the game but deals all of its damage as Cold. You will not have any IPS to work with, so you will only need to worry about Elemental Mods on the damage front. You’ll start with a decent Critical Chance at 15%, but only 10% base Status Chance.

You’ll want to learn the combos for Sibear to get any value out of it, however. Although it starts with 10% Status Chance, doing a charge attack will add 50 percentage points to your Status Chance for the next four seconds. Unmodded, this spikes you up to 60%. You won’t be able to get it up to 100% with mods, but you can still get it fairly high. Its attacks also give off a Cold AoE, so even though it won’t be 100% chance, you’ll have more opportunity to lands those Procs.

Crit or Status?

With its Innate stats, tune your Sibear based on if you want to hit harder or land Procs. With its Charge Attack boost, putting some Status Chance mods on will be beneficial. Grabbing the Dual Stat mods will let you tune the Elemental Damage as well. If you’re looking to boost your Critical Chance, consider the Gladiator Set. Gladiator Vice will grant some likely much desired Attack Speed while helping you complete the Set for the Critical Chance buff.

To wield Sibear, you’ll need to invest quite a bit of time and training. Like its brethren, though, once equipped you’ll be sending your enemies flying. Not many players stick with it, sadly, but as a result it has a very high Riven Disposition, so if you take a liking to it, there are ways to make it really shine. Given also that it is purely Elemental, it can also mix up your playstyle to add variety to your Arsenal.

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