Changes are coming to Nightwave Series 2

This week is likely to see the end of the Wolf of Saturn Six – at least in regards to this series of Nightwave (not the Wolf himself). The Tactical Alerts that are running this weekend were essentially releasedin order to allow players to farm his Sledge before he becomes somewhat more rare of an occurance. So what will Series 2 bring?

While wearen’t certain of the actual storyline, the team at Digital Extremes did take the time to post a Forum outline of the changes planned for Series 2, and from my perspective, it’s all good stuff.  Summary below!

  • Catch-up mechanic:  once a player has completed the given Acts for the current week, they wil then be presented with any Acts they have not completed for previous weeks. This is a fantastic addition.
  • Reduce the grind: Series 1 had 10 weekly Acts – 7 standard and 3 Elites. In Series 2, this will be reduced to 5 standard and 2 Elites, but the Standing payout will be the same overall. Less grind for the same reward!
  • Changes, and new Acts: the lengthy grinds that were included in Series 1 will be reduced (for example, the 40 waves of Defence Act will now only be 20 waves, and the 1 hour Survival will now only be 30 minutes) – thanks DE! Not everyone has thatmuch time on their hands. Secondly, there will be a bunch of new Acts as well, which, of course, we were kind of expecting.
  • The Wolf of Saturn Six: as mentioned above, he won’t go away completely. In fact,Nora Night will be getting a new Wolf Beacon so you can call on him whever you like,but most importantly? Spend your Wolf Creds before Series 1 finishes – they will expire at the end of the series…
  • New Story: DE referred to “The Emissary” in their post, so expect that will be the name of the next Nightwave. We’ll find out soon enough, but either way, it sounds cool. Oh, and it’s focused on the Infested, so that’s all I needed to hear.
Anyway, enough conjecture. It’s only a few more days until Series 2 starts, so get your excited pants on!
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