Episode 42 – Devstream 127

After a couple of weeks of (frankly) awesome interviews, we’re back with another all-Cephalon episode, this time discussing the latest Devstream.

While Devtream 127 was packed full of detail, was it enough to offset some of the burnout that seems to be occurring within long-term players at the moment? I guess you’ll have to listen to find out!

In addition, we also provide our usual beginner (Mastery Tests) and advanced (mod: Adaptation) tips, plus we also launch a new segment this week: Dr Cephalon!

Episode Notes:

The Vault is OPEN! Get your Loki/Volt on!

A new episode of [DE]constructing is out – this one is on Sound Design.

Tenno Tunes Vol4 is out (compilation of fan-submitted Warframe tunes)!

Jovian Concord – coming soon to PC!

Khora Deluxe Skin

Railjack Work in Progress!

More Railjack teasers – this is a look at the current version of the Railjack Systems UI

A new update is coming to console very soon – Atlas Karyst is soon to be here (among other things)!

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