Episode 43 – Final thoughts on Nightwave

Episode 43 arrives right at the time that the first series of Nightwave is set to end,so we thoughtwe’d have a good old chinwag about our thoughts on this first series – with particular focus on the Tactical Alert used to round it up (and some speculation around what Series 2 might bring)…. Definitely some good stuff here.

For our beginner topic, we look at Affinity, and forAdvanced, we have a look at the Kubrow breeds.

Oh, and did I mention Dr Cephalon is back this week? Well, he is. As is Cephalon Lucas’ David Attenborough.

Episode Notes:

The Plains of Eidolon update with Atlas Deluxe and the Arbitrations updates has hit consoles.

Cash prizes up for grabs for Cosplayers at TennoCon 2019

This week has brought a bunch of Gift of the Lotus Alerts, including the Rhino Palatine Sigil, plus a Paris and Glaxion skin.

The Jovian Concord update is expected to hit PC next week!

Wolf of Saturn Six Tactical Alerts have hit all platforms to finish up the Nightwave

The team at DE has shared their plans for the changes to Nightwave Series 2

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