Episode 44 – Modding Special!

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Episode 44 and no Devstream? What are a couple of Cephalons to do? Well… another special, of course!

In this episode, we decided to take a good look at mods in general – are there too many? Are they getting out of hand? And what can we do to help new players? All answered herein.

In addition, the Cephalons havesomething to share in regards to the future of Cephlaon Squared and how you can become more involved – this is definitely worth a listen.


  • News: lots of Jovian Concord info (delayed until next week), Wolf of Saturn Six ends, For Fans byFans T-shirt design comp, Discord Nitro perk, Mixer loot drops, new Primed mods
  • Discussion: Are mods getting out of hand?
  • Beginner: different kinds of mods, and what to look out for in the early game
  • Advanced: Dual Status mods and where to find them

Episode Notes:

Rebb Ford tweeted that there is a plan to add a buy-back feature for once-off acquisitions! Our own Wrathoc asked if this would also apply to login weapons, but sadly, it does not…

The Wolf of Saturn Six ends today (at the time of recording) – I hope you remembered to spend your Wolf Creds!

According to Pablo, the extraction screen is being reworked for mainline

For Fans by Fans has a t-shirt design competition running for TennoCon 2019! Get your entries in by May 30 to be in the running:

This month’s Discord Nitro perk is a 7-day resource booster:

Mixer will now offer drops, much like Twitch – link your Mixer and Warframe accounts to benefit:

Baro Ki’Teer brought new mods on this visit – Primed Pack Leader and Primed Animal Instinct

Steve shared a melee idea for animated finishers:

Rebb Ford showed off a new orbiter cosmetic that’s coming with the Jovian Concord – a cleaner bot

Wisp changes and Jovian Concord delayed to this week, details in this week’s Remote Observer

Thanks for listening – please use the Contact Us link at the top of the page if you have any feedback!

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