Episode 45 – Devstream 128

We knew Devstream 128 would be the last one before TennoCon, but what we didn’t know is that DE would drop a bombshell during it!

Well… I guess they didn’t announce anything new (beyond forthcoming frames), and they didn’t really give away anything  we didn’t know was coming, but I don’t think anybody was expecting them to show off the Sentient tileset before TennoCon.

Apart from that, it was fairly business as usual, with some good demos, etc., but wow… our heads are still spinning from the tileset… AND the concept art. Sublime.


  • News – Jovian concord update hits PC, bye-bye random mod packs
  • Discussion – Devstream 128
  • Beginner topic – Modding for beginners
  • Advanced topic – combo counter

Episode Notes:

Made changes to the way colours apply to editable items – you may notice some of your fashionframe will look different after this is applied. Comes with the Jovian Concord update

The Jovian Concord update has hit PC!

Enable 2-factor authentication on your PC account to score yourself a free ephemera! (not sure how this ephemera will come to console players…)

The Random mods packs are gone, replaced by “essentials” packs (more info in this post)

Running Man work in progress

Kirby frame concept/render

Sentient tileset (more in this post)

Wukong rework is happening!

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