Jovian Concord included a bunch of new mods

Not only did the new Jovian Concord update bring a bunch of new gameplay opportunities, but there were a hell of a lot other additions too – from new weapons, to new mods. A whole lot of mods actually. Sowedecided to go over them all,for your reference!

New set mods

aero mod set

As you can see above, the update brought three new “Aero” mods, which comprise the Aero Set. Equipping all of these will allow players to sleep up to 5 enemies daged during an aim glide to sleep,for3 seconds on landing. On top of that, each mod also allows for the following:

  •  Aero Vantage: 100% reducedgravityduring aim glide (increased floatiness)
  • Aero Agility: 100% reload speed while aim gliding (sniper only)
  • Aero Periphery: -50% zoom while aim gliding
motus mod set

Equipping the Motus Set will give players a 33% chance to become immune to knockdown while airborne,plus:

  • Motus Impact: will increase the range of aerial melee attacks by 2m
  • Motus Setup: provides 100% Critical and Status Chance for 4s after landing  from a Double or Bullet Jump (this sounds a little OP? But note – only for Shotguns)
  • Motus Signal: increases Double Jump strength by 200%… if you think you need to jump higher
proton mod set

For the last of the new Set Mods, we have the Proton Set, which will provide 17& Damagereduction during a WallLatch.This seems perfect for Loki… In addition:

  • Proton Jet: Gain 120% Status and Critical Chance during Wall Latch (also maybo OP for Loki)
  • Proton Snap: Holding Wall Latch for 2s will provide +100% Toxin Damage and +50% Status Chance for 50s (formelee only, but still potentially quite useful)
  • Proton Pulse: Wall dashing provides +100% Bullet Jump speed… Gotta go fast!

Other new mods

Kavat’s Grace

Resist hard landings from falling at speeds of up to 40m/s. I guess this is good if you do lots of falling, and are frustrated with hard landings?

Gale Kick

Converts 100% of Melee Damage to Impact Damage on Jump kick – this also knocks down nearby enemies on kill. Useful if you… like jump kicking.

Anti-grav Array

Increases height of owner’s jumps by40% – another mod for pepople that want to jump higher! Note this mod is applied to your Moa, not to your Warframe.


Regenerates 40 Health (over 4s) for every 3m of Wall Running. Can stack 3yimes. I guess this is useful if you do a lot of wall running ,and may be even more useful in future when wall running is improved (or perhaps… IF wall running is improved).

Amalgam Weapon Augments

The Ripkas are a helluva cool idea, but in practice, just not that great. I mean, hand-mounted chainsaws!? They should be awesome!

Well… this mod, which provides+75% Crit Chance AND increases reload speed on Shotguns by20% might just make them awesome (especialy when used alongside ashotgun, naturally).

Oh, and did I mention +100% gore chance? I’m in.

Many fist weapons are…not great, and sadly the Furax is one of them. This augment might actually provide some crowdcontrol that may make them more useful, though..

It provides +15sCombo Durationfor the Furax, which is actually really decent, plus 20% more Blast Radius on launchers (careful…) – but the big ticket for me is that melee kills will provide enemy knockdown in a 15m radius. That’s pretty huge, provided you’re getting the kills.

The Javlok already has plenty of fans, and while this won’t necessarily make your Javelok amazing, it might make pairing it with a Sword and Shield EXTREMELY amazing.

The +45% mag capacityfor the Javelok is pretty good,but it’s the second perk that’s amazing – parrying with a shield reflects +6000%Damage. yes, that’s six THOUSAND percent. This needsto be tested.

Oh, and you get 90% Channeling efficiency while parrying, if that’s your thing.

The Argonak is a solid rifle, but needs a bit of a hand to make it super solid. This Metal Auger augment may be just that.

Not only does this provide the Argonak with +3m Punch Through (which is huge), but it also allows equipped daggers to reduce Armor by 6 with each strike. This could be awesome if coupledwith a dagger that has reallyfast attack speed…

And did I mention that the Punch Through will also reveal enemies? Because that’sa thing as well.

Random Mod Packs removed - replaced by Essential Mod Packs

new mod packs

Lastly, while there were abunch of mods added, there was also something removed.

You may recall the Dragon Mod packs – these were packs you could purchase that contained random mods. These have been removed from the game for a couple of reasons – on the one hand, they felt very much like loot packs, and DE wanted to remove that from the game, and on the other hand… they served no great purpose. As a result, they have been replaced by the following “Essentials” Mod packs (which are a great idea). All of these cost 75P in game.

Essential Base Damage
  • Serration
  • Point Blank
  • Hornet Strike
  • Pressure Point
  • 1,000 Endo
  • 50,000 Credits
Essential Critical Chance
  • Point Strike
  • Blunderbuss
  • Pistol Gambit
  • Organ Shatter
  • 1,000 Endo
  • 50,000 Credits
Essential Cold Damage
  • Cryo Rounds
  • Chilling Grasp
  • Deep Freeze
  • North Wind
  • 1,000 Endo
  • 50,000 Credits
Essential Heat Damage
  • Hellfire
  • Incendiary Coat
  • Heated Charge
  • Molten Impact
  • 1,000 Endo
  • 50,000 Credits
Essential Toxin Damage
  • Infected Clip
  • Contagious Spread
  • Pathogen Rounds
  • Fever Strike 
  • 1,000 Endo
  • 50,000 Credits
Essential Electricity Damage
  • Stormbringer
  • Charged Shell
  • Convulsion
  • Shocking Touch 
  • 1,000 Endo
  • 50,000 Credits
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