Lore 9 – The Apostacy Prologue & The Sacrifice plus Ballas


Welcome to our 9th Lorecast!

In this episode, we discuss the goings on in The Apostacy Prologue and The Sacrifice, both major parts of the primary storyline. In fact, there is so much awesome lore in The Sacrifice that we had to leave some topics out to cover at another time! This episode goes into historical lore (re: the originsof the warframes themselves) as well as providing a whole bunch of foreshadowing for The New War. This is an exciting one, but the episode is dark and full of spoilers.

And on top of that? Cephalon Lucas also provides a deeper look into the backstory behind Ballas! So much good stuff.

Be warned, we aren’t kidding about the SPOILERS – we definitely recommend you experience these in game, and not in our podcast, so consider this a MAJOR warning! If you haven’t played The Sacrifice (at the very least), don’t listen to this one…

Otherwise… Check it out!

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