[Potential Spoilers] DE shows off some of the New War assets

In an extremely unexpected turn of events, Digital Extremes decided to show off some off some art for the upcoming cinematic quest, The New War, durng the latest Devstream. Touted to be the final Devstream before TennoCon in July, this was quite possibly the last chance to show off something big while the team goes quiet for the next 5 weeks. And show off something big, they did (listen to Cephalon Squared Episode 45 to hear the rest of what was shown off)!

Starting with a bunch of (frankly very impressive) bits of concept art, the team showed off some of the larger themes that seem to be persistent across the forthcoming areas. Of course, there don’t seem to be any story spoilers, but it’s clear that the Sentients love red.

new war concept
new war concept
new war concept

Following this, though, viewers were surprised even more when the team actually loaded a tileset within a current build of the game. You can see some of this below, and while there are echoes of the Orokin (particularly Lua and the Derelict), this tileset is extremely new, and reminded me very much of acclaimed artist H.R. Giger at times, and therefore had avery “Alien” feel. 

I was already quite excited, but this just goes to show that The New War is going to be much more than just a cinematic quest – there looks to be a whole bunch of new areas, enemies, and systems that will be put in place, all with their own completely new place within the existing worldview. Colour me ecstatic.

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