Weapon 101 – Anstrum / Prisma Angstrum

The Angstrum and Prisma Angstrum – a pair of handheld rocket launchers. Coming in with the highest base Damage for all Secondaries, these variants deliver a massive punch, especially to Grineer Machinery, Corpus Robotics, and Fossilized Infested. Just be sure to keep yourself and allies out of the blast, that is, unless you have a reason to be blowing yourself up.

How to Acquire

The Blueprint for the Angstrum may be picked up fairly early on from the Market (once you’re MR4, that is) for 25,000 Credits. It is going to cost you a pair of Argon Crystals, making The Void your gating zone to reach or get a taxi to.

  • Credits
    Credits 25,000
  • Alloy Plate
    Alloy Plate 600
  • Circuits
    Circuits 400
  • Salvage
    Salvage 900
  • Argon Crystal
    Argon Crystal 2

The Prisma Angstrum will take a bit more work to get your hands on. It is purchasable from Baro Ki’Teer for 475 Ducats and 210,000 Credits. You’ll have to reach MR8, though, before you call it yours.

Stats by Variant

angstrum stats
prisma angstrum stats

Given that you are launching rockets, Angstrum and Prisma Angstrum both deal Blast Damage innately.  Neither delivers any IPS damage, so you’ll be sticking to raw Damage and elemental buffs for this pair.  

While the Prisma variant has the same base Damage, it has several stats that are higher, including Crit and Status Chance, as well as a faster charge time. They both start off with 3-round Magazines, of which you can unload all three rockets at once depending on how long you Charge your shot. Tapping your fire button will set off a single rocket, and partially charging your shot will also only fire a portion of your magazine. Notably, if you increase you Magazine Capacity, you’ll still fire your entire clip when Fully Charged, giving another path to increase Damage output. It’s worth noting you cannot hold a charged shot with Angstrum pair, so make sure to get your timing down so you don’t fire a full volley in the wrong direction.

Angstrum is also one of the few weapons where max ammo is going to come into play. Both only start with a base max ammo of 18, and by firing 3 rounds a shot you’ll burn through this relatively fast. Additionally, depending on how you mod for magazine capacity and multishot, your firing pattern will change. With a single shot, your rocket will fire forward in a line. When you increase the number of rockets fired at once, they will form a firing pattern determined by the number launched. This will cause them to act more like the multi-arrow firing Bows rather than the random pellet spread of the Shotguns. For example, firing a full set of 3 will launch a triangular shaped volley, whereas a partial charge firing 2 will launch a horizontal V-shaped spread.

Crit or Status?

Both variants of Angstrum have good Crit Chance and a very high Status Chance. With its innate Blast Damage, the 60/60 Heat and Cold mods are great candidates to consider. It has a decent base to build toward either direction, but if you have to choose you’ve got a head start with Status Chance.

Angstrum and Primsa Angstrum are a lot of fun to use. If you can work with the ammo limitations, it is a Secondary that performs admirably, and with a high Riven Disposition there is a lot of potential out there. Keep an eye on where you’re aiming and you’ll be all set to bring the fireworks to the party.

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