Weapon 101 – Battacor

The Battacor is a Corpus rifle that was designed using Sentient technology in the underground labs of the Orb Vallis. As such, it has a long, sleek appearance and uses energy projectiles. When using the Battacor, the player will notice three notches on the right of the firing reticle that turn from grey to white as they take down enemies. Once one of these notches is white, a devastating alt-Fire mode can be used, unleashing an Opticor-style laser beam that will annihilate foes unfortunate enough to be in its path. Each notch of the reticle is filled by one kill, ramping up the damage of the alternate fire. The Battacor fires two-round bursts in full-auto, allowing for continuous fire down range, while the alt-fire is semi-automatic with greater recoil. The Battacor is a fun and slick weapon that packs a punch, especially against shielded enemies.

How to Acquire

The Battacor can be purchased from a Clan’s Energy Lab, provided the Clan has completed its research. The materials for this weapon are a bit demanding; requiring 25 Heart Noctrul a refined gem from the Vallis, and 20 Entroplasma – a rare material obtained from Tromyzon servofish, also found in the Vallis. These can be challenging but not overly so, the material that will take the longest will be the 10 Fieldron as it is only obtained from Invasions and has to be mailed to the player once the Invasion is over.

  • Credits
    Credits 25,000
  • Fieldron
    Fieldron 10
  • Tepa Nodule
    Tepa Nodule 40
  • Heart Noctrul
    Heart Noctrul 25
  • Entroplasma
    Entroplasma 20


battacor stats

The Battacor’s Damage in its primary fire mode is split between Puncture and Magnetic Damage, while the alt-fire mode is pure Radiation damage. This Damage spread makes it excellent for dealing with many types of enemies, as Magnetic Damage has a bonus versus Corpus Shields, and Radiation has a bonus versus the Alloy Armor used by the Grineer. When using this weapon, it is best to alternate your fire modes based on the enemies you’re facing. Much like the Opticor, if enemies are close enough to the alt-fire beam they will be hit by it as well, making this alternate fire mode excellent for firing down hallways crammed with baddies.

Due to the base Damage being one of the least desirable in the game (Magnetic), most players will mod this weapon for additional Damage types, such as Viral or Gas, in order to add as much non-Magnetic Damage to the weapon as possible. These Damage types also have additional Status effects that will add even more Damage. Additional Damage types expand the Battacor’s palette, making it useful in many tactical scenarios.

Crit or Status?

As mentioned above, the Battacor will benefit from having additional Damage types modded into it, as the base Magnetic is only useful against Shielded enemies. Building towards both Crit and Status will serve this weapon very well, allowing it to get heavy Critical hits in its alt-fire mode, while inflicting Status effects in full-auto primary fire mode. Adding a Toxic Damage type (Viral, Gas, Toxic, Corrosive) will help the Battacor get around Shields and Armor via Toxic Status procs. Since the Battacor has a dual-fire trigger, it only makes sense to build with that in mind, giving both the primary fire and the alt-fire a chance to kill as many enemies as possible, as fast as possible.

Overall the Battacor is a fun weapon, with the highest burst-fire rate in the game and the Highest Crit Chance of any full-auto weapon, making it really solid competition for the Tenora – another full-auto + charge shot weapon. If the Battacor is any indication of what is possible when the Corpus experiment with Sentient technology, then one can only imagine what may come next with the looming Sentient threat.

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