Weapon 101 – Corinth

Corinth, the dual-purpose Tenno shotgun, has brought quite the punch to the battlefield since it’s addition in the December 2017 Ghoul Purge Update. Coming in with some of the highest base Damage in the game for Primaries, it is a versatile weapon, cycling between its pellet rounds or Alt-Fire grenades. Its base Stats also give a lot of options for modding, letting you tune it to your style.

How to Acquire

The Corinth blueprint may be picked up from the market for 25,000 Credits or pre-built for 240 Plat. You’ll have to get to MR8 to purchase it first. On the resource side, you will need some Nitain Extract, so I’d recommend you save up a bit of Nightwave Cred. Otherwise, Mars is your gating planet from the Gallium.

  • Credits
    Credits 20,000
  • Nitain Extract
    Nitain Extract 2
  • Alloy Plate
    Alloy Plate 13,000
  • Gallium
    Gallium 6
  • Cryotic
    Cryotic 725


corinth stats

The key part of Corinth is its two distinct firing modes. The primary mode is to semi-auto fire buckshot rounds. These pellets will dish out a total of 540 base Damage, with slightly under half of that being Puncture. Take note that when enemies are at Range, your pellets’ Damage will fall off after 18m, dropping to 33% total Damage at 36m. This firing mode is all set for Crit. With a base Crit Chance of 30%, it has the highest chance and highest Crit Multiplier at 2.8x among all Shotguns. Unlike most of our weapons, the Corinth reloads its shells one at a time rather than the full clip. As a result, it takes a couple of seconds to refill your magazine . This increases if you increase your magazine size. The reload sequence can be interrupted though, allowing you to fire again with only a partial magazine. This will allow you to run and gun, keeping just a couple of shells in the magazine until there is a lull for a full reload.

Corinth’s alternate mode switches things around quite a bit. Its Alt-Fire will launch a grenade that will auto-detonate after 20m, dishing out 404 base Blast Damage. If you’re able to hit a target directly, you will deal at base 100 Impact Damage with a guaranteed Impact Proc. In addition to swapping pellets for a grenade, the Alt-Fire also swaps your high Crit Chance for a high Status Chance, stating out at 28%. Be warned, you can damage yourself and squad mates with these grenades, and they will bounce off Nullifier Bubbles. As a final note, the grenades have the same reload mechanic as the pellet shells, allowing you to fire with a partial clip.

Crit or Status?

Due to the difference between the firing modes, you’ll have to decide on which one you think you’d enjoy more. It is feasible to mod for 100% Crit and Status Chance without a Riven, but you won’t be able to mod for anything else if you do. You may want to keep an eye out for a Riven though, currently is has an Average Disposition, which could really drive a build one way or the other. You may want to consider a bit of both though. A maxed Blunderbuss will get you over 50% Crit Chance on your pellets, and a pair of 60/60 mods will get you over 50% Status Chance on the grenade, leaving plenty of space for other non-chance mods.

TheCorinth will definitely let you bring some high Damage in with your Loadout. Its versatility will let you mod toward your playstyle without sacrificing being able to switch on the fly. If you wind up liking it, keep an eye out for the Solstice Event around December for a window to pick up a special Weapon Skin for it.

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