Weapon 101 – Lacera

Coursing with Electricity, the Blade and Whip Lacera will unleash a whirlwind of energy upon the battlefield. Added in December of 2015 with The Second Dream ( Update 18), Lacera has served us Tenno for a few years. You’re able to obtain it fairly early on as long as you have joined or are building a clan.

How to Acquire

Lacera is Clan Tech that you will have to go to your Tenno Lab for. Both its Research and Foundry costs are inexpensive, with Gallium from Mars being your primary gating material. Construction is locked behind MR7, so you’ll need to get a few ranks under your belt before you may grab the Blueprint for 15,000 credits. Alternatively, you are able to grab it for 175 Plat from the Market.

  • Credits
    Credits 20,000
  • Morphics
    Morphics 2
  • Rubedo
    Rubedo 1,200
  • Polymer Bundle
    Polymer Bundle 20
  • Gallium
    Gallium 20


lacera stats

Lacera has quite a bit of potential and can be built different ways depending on your playstyle. Most notably though, it has innate Electricity Damage in place of the traditional IPS, starting off with 80 base Damage. Most notable on it is the title of highest Status Chance for all melee weapons, coming in at a base of 45%. This is balanced against a 2.5% base Crit Chance, but there IS a good Crit Build for this weapon, which we’ll cover in a moment. Primed with a Naramon (-) Polarity, it is all set for an Elemental Damage boost. Being half whip, Lacera also starts with a long attack reach, making it a great candidate for Reach mods. As a final note, Lacera currently has a very high Riven Disposition, so if you like it, keeping an eye out for a Riven could be very worthwhile.

Crit or Status?

On first look, Lacera is a build-for-Status weapon. With a base Status Chance of 45%, just a pair of 60/60 Mods will get you to 99% Status Chance, leaving you plenty of extra space to work with. Playing off its long range, there is a way to build this weapon for Crit Chance as well. If you use Maiming Strike, sliding will flat add 90% to your Crit Chance, bringing you to 92.5%, turning you into an electric tornado tearing across the battlefield.

Obtainable relatively early, Lacera can be made into a force to be reckoned with once you have some higher level mods. Its lack of IPS makes it more specialised than some of its counterparts, but it is a fun weapon to take for spin.

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