Weapon 101 – Pangolin Sword

The Pangolin Sword, passed to us from our Tenno Ancestors, is a curved blade that slashes through your foes. It is not the strongest weapon you will add to your Arsenal, but it will serve you well in the early game.

How to Acquire

To wield the Pangolin Sword, you will have to farm for it, as it can only be obtained from the Nightwave Cred Offerings. You can’t use Plat to purchase it from the Market. It is MR0, so once you have the 50 Cred available, you will be able to pick up the blueprint. You’ll need to make it out to at least The Void for a Control Module for the location gating.

  • Credits
    Credits 20,000
  • Control Module
    Control Module 1
  • Ferrite
    Ferrite 750
  • Circuits
    Circuits 300
  • Alloy Plate
    Alloy Plate 80


pangolin sword stats

The Pangolin Sword is an early game weapon whose base stats will likely make it difficult to use late game. It does have a very high Riven Disposition at the moment, so there is potential out there. Coming in with 37 base Damage, you’ll be dishing out most of that as Slash, making this a good choice when up against un-armored units. With an innate Madurai (V) Polarity, it’s primed for a nice Damage mod for a boost.

Crit or Status?

You’re not going to have a lot to work with starting with only 5% Crit Chance and 12% Status Chance. Trying to push the Status Chance up is likely your best path to land Slash Procs, upping your DPS. If you’re able to mod for Viral as well, it will combo nicely. Otherwise, mod for as much Damage as you can get from it.

You may not be using the Pangolin Sword in the late game unless you invest a fair amount into it for polish. You’ll need to balance when you decide to pick it up as well, given the Nightwave Cred cost. If you’re still early on, it may be worth grabbing. If you’re already fairly far in, then it may just be an Affinity source for you.

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