Episode 46 – Community Guest Star: Ironheart

A quiet week this week on the news front, but at least that meant we could have a chat with a member of our community – Ironheart, an Xbox player from our Discord joins us for a chat this week!


  • News: Wisp available in Steam Workshop, New bundles for consoles, 2-factor authentication is still a thing
  • Discussion: Community Guest Star with Ironheart (check out his Twitch channel!)
  • Beginner topic: Syndicate standing
  • Advanced topic: Sentinels pt 1

Episode Notes:

Wisp now availabile in the Steam Workshop

Renown Pack is back for the PS4

Prestige Pack is back for Xbox 

Esteem pack is back for the Switch

The Warframe Fansites page has had a makeover, and looks much more like the Partner page!

Don’t forget to enable two-factor authentication on your PC account to get your free ephemera

Thanks for listening – please use the Contact Us link at the top of the page if you have any feedback!

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