Episode 47 – The Endless Grind

Given it’s another week in the quiet run-up to TennoCon, I expected this week to be quiet – but it wasn’t! Not only were there some surprises and minor announcements, but we also have been made aware that there will be a Railjack demo during E3! Awesome – keep an eye out during the PC Gaming Show.


  • News: New [DE]constructing podcast, TennoGen R16 hits PC, TennoGenSchedule, Jovian concord in cert for consoles, Nightwave Intermission coming this week, and Railjack demo at E3
  • Discussion: The Endless Grind – how much is too much?
  • Beginner topic: Playing Warframe Solo
  • Advanced topic: Sentinels, part 2

Episode Notes:

Episode 4 of [DE]constructing has been released – this one looks at Sound Design

TennoGen Rd 16 is now out on PC, with operator accessories and Syandanas, helmets for Frost, Hydroid, and Khora, and skins for nikanas and polearms, as well as Frost, Khora, Nyx, Valkyr, and Wukong!

The TennoCon Schedule is live – note that friend of the show BackyardisTV will be doing a stream on stage just prior to TennoLive!

Jovian Concord update is now in cert for all consoles!

Nightwave Intermission is coming this week to all platforms! 15 ranks, with its own rewards – to fill the gap while we wait on Series 2, now expected after TennoCon. More details here.

Last week to score your 7-day Resource Booster via Discord Nitro!

Reb Ford will be at E3,and she will be showing off a demo of Railjack at the PC Gaming Show, scheduled for June 10 at 1pm ET (3am on June 11 AEST)

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