Episode 48 – Xenogelion Interview

It’s the week after E3, and sadly we didn’t learn much about Railjack – we just got a basic trailer and directions to watch TennoLive… Like we weren’t already going to do that! Still, we are pretty damned excited.

But we still have an awesome episode for you – this week, we’ve got an interview with YouTuber Xenogelion, host of the Tenno Clock podcast, now in its 6th year! Check it out, and take a look at his YouTube channel – the man is a workaholic.


  • News: Empyrean to be shown off at TennoCon, Jovian Concord hits consoles, Nightwave Intermission stats, and Operation Plague star is back
  • Discussion: Xenogelion Interview
  • Beginner topic: Progression in the earlygame
  • Advanced topic: Kitguns  

You can find Xenogelion in the following places!

Episode Notes:

Rebecca Ford showed up on several channels for E3 2019, but there wasn’t much new information (if any at all). The main thing that it seemed DE wanted to share was that Empyrean (railjack) will be shown off at TennoCon, and watching the livestream will score players Nekros Prime!

The Jovian Concord update is now available on consoles!

Nightwave: Intermission has begun…

Operation: Plague Star is back until June 26 – don’t forget to talk to Nakak in Cetus for Operational Supply goodies

This month’s Discord Nitro perk is a 7-day Credit Booster

TennoCon will also be streamed to attendees at GuardianCon

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