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The Kubrow: canine companion to the Tenno. Once kept  by the Orokin as pets. However, since the downfall of the Orokin Empire, only the strongest of the kubrow remained alive and gradually returned to a natural feral state. In recent times, it has been found that using DNA altering technologies it is possible to breed loyal domesticated doggo’s for the use of combat, protection, and retrieval. And, oh yeah – they lay eggs.

At present, we know of only 6 breeds (including the infested Helminth Charger) that are available for the use by the Tenno.


The Huras Kubrow were originally used by the Orokin Elite as hunting companions and were prized for their stealth. Recently, the Tenno have adapted the strand to be used for covert operations.

The following are the primary traits of the Huras Kubrow:

  • Hunt: is a lunging strike similar to that of a charge, where the Kubrow deals 160 Damage to all in its path
  • Stalk: will cause the Tenno and Kubrow to go invisible whilst an enemy is within 24 meters

The Huras Kubrow has unfortunately the lowest Health value of all Kubrow breeds – 225 upon reaching Rank 30. However, it does boast the highest Shield of 375.


The Raksa Kubrow: bred to be the perfect bodyguard, these hulking Kubrow were never far from their master’s side. With inbuilt Shield generators and a growl that could quite literally paralyze a foe in place, this breed would make anyone feel safe walking down a dark alley.

The following are the primary traits of the Raksa Kubrow:

  • Howl: sees the kubrow release a blood curdling howl that induces mass fear into surrounding enemies within 24 meters for a Duration of 16 seconds
  • Protect: sees the kubrow rush to its master’s aid, restoring up to 300 shield

Raksa Kubrow are a well-balanced breed in terms of Health and Shield, both sitting comfortably at 300 at Rank 30.


The Sahasa kubrow is a less combat-oriented breed, and was designed with the purpose of retrieving items buried or otherwise. Tenno often will use this breed for resupplying during a mission.

The following are the primary traits of the Sahasa Kubrow:

  • Dig: a simple skill that finds the kubrow digging for items to bring back to their master with a 270% success rate
  • Ferocity: grants the kubrow the distinct privilege of performing finisher attacks upon your foes. This is with a decent +120% finisher Damage

The Sahasa strand stands strong with the highest amount of Health, tied only with the Chesa at a hefty 375. Shield, on the other hand, are at the lowest point – 225 (also tied with the Chesa).


Sunika Kubrow were the first strand to explore more war-based Abilities, and with great success. No longer a simple housepet, but instead a ferocious beast of war…

The following are the primary traits of the Sunika Kubrow:

  • Savagery: another strand of Kubrow that was granted the ability to deal a finishing blow with +120% finisher Damage
  • Unleashed: a skill that enables the Kubrow to grapple any VIP enemies within 60 meters, dragging them to the ground, possibly to set them up for a finisher

With 330 Health and a equally impressive 270 Shield, it’s easy to see why this strand is a strong contender on any battlefield.


The final breed that was without influence of the infestation is the Chesa kubrow. Very little is known about this particular breed, other than the fact they were bred to retrieve the spoils of battle.

The following are the primary traits of the Chesa Kubrow:

  • Neutralize: leaps forth to bite the hand of an enemy within 20 meters, causing said enemy to drop their weapon
  • Retrieve: this gives the Kubrow the helpful Ability for a 45% chance to retrieve additional loot from enemies or crates within 30 meters every 10 seconds

Both the Health and Shield for the Chesa strand are the same as the Sahasa Kubrow, at 375 Health and 225 Shield.

Helminth Charger

The Helminth charger has a unique relationship with the Tenno, as first you require a cyst to grow from your warframe’s neck, which takes roughly a month of real time to fully develop. 

Once the cyst has sprouted its tendril-like growth, you can breed the Helminth. This can be done by selecting the “breed Kubrow” option from the incubator segment, and then further selecting “drain cyst”.

The following are the primary traits of the Helminth Charger, another battle-ready breed:

  • Proboscis: this ability causes the Helminth Charger to shoot tendrils forth, grabbing an enemy within 30 meters, which are then dragged back towards the infested doggo in addition to dealing 100 Damage
  • Trample: like the name Helminth Charger suggests, this infested doggo comes with the ability to charge towards its enemies, knocking down all in its path and dealing 160 Damage to all that are struck

Another doggo that is bred with balance in mind, but slightly tipping to the lower scale, the Helminth has 285 Health and 255 Shield.

Apart from the Helminth Charger, it is impossible to use normal breeding in order to acquire a specific Kubrow. The only way to get the specific strand you are chasing is to have another player create a genetic code template of their Kubrow and then trade this with you. Each Kubrow, much like the Kavats, may only have their genes copied to a template twice. The game makes a good point to teach players how to breed Kubrow through the quest line “Howl of the Kubrow”.

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