Mini 25 – Limbo

Love him or hate him, Limbo is a force to be recokned with. While not the easiest frame to come to grips with, he is certainly one of the most powerful. However, his abilities tend to cause a rift among the community (see what I did there?)

Have a listen to hear our thougts on Limbo – you might be surprised! We try to provide some good tips around how to use him, how to play with him in groups, and how to play nicely alongside him. Why can’t we all be friends?

Limbo Abilities:

  • Passive – Rift Walk
  • 1 – Banish
  • 2 – Stasis
  • 3 – Rift Surge
  • 4 – Cataclysm


  • Rift Haven
  • Rift Torrent
  • Cataclysmic Continuum

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