Mini 26 – Loki

warframe podcast loki

Loki, the trickster god, he’s here to help trolls be trolls. Truth be told, he’s probably the simplest of all Warframes because his Abilities do exactly what it says on the box (if Loki came in a box, that is). Not only that, his Abilities just… work. While he’s not a blindingly amazing frame, he’s damned good – and for certain tasks, he’s fantastic. I’d even go as far as saying he’s virtually essential in your Warframe kitbox.

Loki Abilities:

  • Passive – Wall Grapple
  • 1 – Decoy 
  • 2 – Invisibility 
  • 3 – Switch Teleport 
  • 4 – Radial Disarm 


  • Savior Decoy
  • Hushed Invisibility
  • Safeguard Switch
  • Irradiated Disarm

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