Mini 27 – Mag

warframe podcast

Mag – she’s one that many loveto hate, but is all that hatred really worthwhile?

As the mistress of magnetism, Mag provides some good Crowd Control, Damage Output, AND Shield/Armor reduction, so she’s not all that bad. In fact,she’s not bad at all, really! (OK… she’sa bit squishy.)

Have a listen to our thoughts below – note we are aware of the audio issues in this episode, and they have already been fixed for the next episode, but please accept our apologies.

OR! Try out this week’s episode in YouTube form for the first time! Yes, it was our first effort, so it’s a bit janky, but it actually turned out pretty good for a first effort, in my opinion at least (and the video editor did a great job of cleaning up the audio).


YouTube Version

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