Nightwave: Intermissions between Series

With Nightwave Series 1 having ended almost 3 weeks ago at the time of writing, players are starting to wonder where to acquire items such as Nitain Extract and Aura mods. While there have been a couple of special Alerts, but it certainly hasn’t been enough to keep players happy. Only bringing Nightwave back would achieve this (or returning to the old Alert system).

Thankfully, Digital Extremes is aware of this. They had planned to release Series 2 prior to TennoCon, but that seems to have slipped their grasp as they enterlockdown for TennoCon. All hands on deck are required, so Series 2 has been delayedas a result.

BUT! Not wanting to leave Tenno in the lurch, DE has decided to roll out a fic of sorts. An intermission between Series,which will include weekly acts, rewards, and a Nightwavestore run by Nora Night herself, but no story. I think this is a good fix.

Hopefully, this will become the norm, with Intermissions coming into play in future once a Series comes to an end, but that remains to be seen.

This firstIntermission will begin this coming week, and will provide the following rewards. 

  1. 100 Nora Creds
  2. 2000 Endo
  3. Robotic Slots
  4. 3 Orokin Cells
  5. Gamma Color Picker
  6. 50 Nora Creds
  7. 10K Kuva
  8. Rift Sigil
  9. 3 Forma Bundle
  10. Orokin Reactor
  11. 50 Nora Creds
  12. 10K Kuva
  13. Orokin Catalyst
  14. Aura Forma
  15. Eidolon Ephemera

I would expet this to run for at least 4 weeks, given it will need to run until after TennoCon, but thankfully there are only15 ranks this time around. The Nora Creds can, of course, be spent in the Nightwave store.  

Note that this will also include the changes outlined in this previous post.

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