Weapon 101 – Boltace / Telos Boltace

The Tonfa pair, Boltace, forged of its brethren, will leave your enemies full of holes. These spiked twins are among the strongest Tonfas in the game and can be obtained relatively early. Later on, the Telos Boltace variant will also become available, improving on its base version.

How to Acquire

Both Boltace and Telos Boltace will take some investing. The blueprint for Boltace may be picked up from the Market for 20,000 Credits, while the pre-built option will set you back 200 Platinum. To build, will have to offer up your Boltor and Kronen as materials, so make sure to get those mastered before recycling. You only need to be MR2 to purchase the blueprint, but you do need to be MR3 to purchase Kronen. Even with that, though, you may still pick these up fairly early if you can obtain all the crafting materials.

  • Credits
    Credits 20,000
  • Boltor
    Boltor 1
  • Kronen
    Kronen 1
  • Gallium
    Gallium 2

As you can infer from its name, Telos Boltace is part of the Telos set from Arbiters of Hexis. That means you’ll have to get to Rank 5 (Maxim) and then spend 125,000 Reputation Points. Like the other Syndicate Weapons, it is Tradeable in case you are not aligned with the Arbiters.

Stats by Variant

boltace stats
telos boltace stats

Compared to its Kronen component, Boltace will grant you more Damage in exchange for a reduction in Attack Speed. Additionally, you will be switching to mainly Puncture Damage, which takes up 68 of your 85 total base Damage. You’ll also gain additional Status Chance at 25% but your Crit Chance will still be low at 5%.

Telos Boltace provides a few upgrades, making it a worthwhile pursuit. Though it has the same base Damage as its base variant, the Telos Variant has the same attack speed as Kronen, giving you the extra Damage without the speed reduction. You’ll also gain a bit more Crit Chance with its 10% and you’ll hang onto the 25% Base Status Chance. Telos Boltace will have the Arbiter’s Truth effect as well. When triggered you’ll create a Toxin Cloud around the Player, as well as restore 25% of your Max Health. The Truth effect will also boost your Aim Glide and Wall Latch durations and Bullet Jump Velocity for 30 seconds. Telos Boltace will also provide you with the Stormpath effect, which is triggered by slide attacks. When executed, you’ll create a Vortex around yourself, pulling enemies and items towards you. Follow it up with another slide attack within 8 Seconds and you’ll launch the pulled enemies away from you, ragdolling them.

Crit or Status?

Both Boltace and Telos Boltace are mainly Status weapons. Pushing your Status Chance up will help land more of Puncture’s “weakened” effects, reducing enemy Damage. As you already have an advantage versus Armor, pairing with Corrosive will further help you bypass the stronger enemy types.

Though it is an investment, Boltace is a nice upgrade to its Kronen counterpart. If you do like them, try to seek out the Telos Variant to further up your Arsenal. Currently it also sits with an Average Riven Disposition, so you can definitely push it up to the next level if RNG favors you. Find your rhythm for slide attacks for the boost and you’ll become the Tempest of Mayhem.

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