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The Boltor and its variants are a staple of any Tenno arsenal. The base Boltor is also one of the first Warframe-unique weapons available to new players, providing a very small taste of the massive array of weapons in the game. The Boltor is a fully automatic rifle that shoots nail-like projectiles thatdeal primarily Puncture Damage, combining the concept of a fully automatic rifle with the projectile mechanics of a bow. As such, the Boltor is another early-game weapon that will pin bad guys to walls, adding to the fun factor and previewing to new players that a weapon can be both deadly and entertaining. The Boltor is a projectile weapon, which means the bolts have a short travel time once they leave the weapon, and will arc slightly due to what the wiki calls “projectile drift,” but we will just refer to as gravity. The projectile mechanics of the weapon will make it slightly more difficult to master than hitscan rifles like the Braton or the Burston, but once the player has learned to compensate for the flight pattern the Boltor is a very fun and useful weapon for any Tenno.

How to Acquire

The Boltor’s blueprint can be obtained through the Mercury Junction or bought on the Market for credits, usable at Mastery Rank 2. Theresource requirements are not steep, with most resources available on the first couple of planets – Mars being the primary gate for Polymer Bundle.

  • Credits
    Credits 25,000
  • Neurodes
    Neurodes 2
  • Alloy Plate
    Alloy Plate 100
  • Salvage
    Salvage 900
  • Polymer Bundle
    Polymer Bundle 600

The Telos Boltor is a max level reward for Arbiters of Hexis. Usable at MR 12.

Boltor Prime is available through currently vaulted relics, and will usually be paired with Rhino Prime parts. Mastery locked to MR 13.

Stats by Variant

boltor stats warframe
boltor prime stats warframe
telos boltor stats warframe

The Boltor deals primarily Puncture Damage and this is true across all three variants. The base Boltor has the lowest stats across the whole set, but comparative to the required Mastery for the Telos and Prime Variant, the stats match up to where in the star chart a player will be by the time they are MR2. It’s encouraged to use early weapons like the Boltor to experiment with mods.

The Telos Boltor has higher stats across the board compared to the base model, but also has a “Truth,” an effect innate to weapons obtained from the Arbiters of Hexis. This effect will fill up a gauge in the lower right hand of the screen. Once this reaches full capacity, the weapon will unleash an area of effect attack dealing 1000 Toxin Damage and inflicting the Toxin Status effect, giving this weapon a unique edge over its siblings.

The Boltor Prime boasts the highest base Damage of all three models of the Boltor line, but oddly falls behind the Telos Boltor in terms of Critical Chance as well as Critical Damage multiplier. The Boltor Prime exceeds both the base and Telos versions in terms of Status Chance and Fire Rate, though, making it ideal for spreading elemental Damage among your foes.

Crit or Status?

The Boltor and Boltor Prime will benefit from having their Status Chance boosted. Their innately higher Status Chance allows them to be used to inflict as many Status effects as possible, causing the extra Damage necessary to bring down even the heaviest of units. Build these two rifles for Toxin-based Damage for extra effectiveness against Armor, and boosted base Damage will bring the Boltor to a good place.

The Telos Boltor though, as is often the case with Syndicate weapons, is a different case. The Telos version has a much higher Critical Chance and Crit Damage modifier, making it much more beneficial to focus on boosting those stats rather than Status Chance. Apply Point Strike and Vital Sense as often as you can, and a nice rounded Hunter Munitions for those tasty Slash procs. Applying Slash Status with high Critical Damage will allow any Tenno to mow down groups of enemies, and constantly initiate the Truth effect (see above).

Overall the Boltor series is no longer meta – it’s another victim of the game’s rapidly proceeding power creep – but it is very fun. Properly invested, the Boltor can pump out a decent amount of Damage. The Boltor is visually intriguing and a very fun beginner weapon that combines a full-auto rifle with the projectile mechanics of a bow. Sending foes through the air is a great gag, especially when a Tenno is freshly starting out, and really serves to get the ‘What other weapons are in this game?’ question into your mind. The Boltor is fun and I would recommend any player try it out just to see a Grinner sail gracefully through the air like a horrific, bulbous marionette until it comes into contact with the nearest vertical surface.

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