Weapon 101 – Buzlok

The Buzlok is that gun from The Fifth Element, minus the explosions… and it’s a sniper rifle. This rifle is one of the more unique weapons available to players of Warframe; however, its gimmick comes at the price of being an ineffective weapon in the traditional sense. Generally, sniper rifles are very hard hitting, single-shot, wrecking machines, but the Buzlok breaks almost every single one of those rules to bring a different experience to the game. Whether it does so successfully is a matter of personal preference. The Buzlok is an automatic fire sniper rifle that fires a tracer round with its alt-fire, after which all rounds fired will track the target hit by this tracer round. This tracking is not nearly as strong as the weapon mentioned above, but this gimmick brings the Buzlok very far from its traditional sniper cousins, and provides a very fun weapon for players to experiment with.

How to Acquire

The Buzlok is only available from the Dojo Chem Lab and as far as its build cost the Buzlok is relatively low when compared with other lab weapons. The build requires only 2 detonite injectors, which are obtainable through Invasion missions, and sadly… a Forma.

  • Credits
    Credits 30,000
  • Detonite Injector
    Detonite Injector 2
  • Salvage
    Salvage 5,000
  • Circuits
    Circuits 600
  • Forma
    Forma 1


buzlok stats

The Buzlok’s alternate fire shoots a beacon, which activates when it hits a target. This beacon attracts follow-up rounds toward the target for a short period of time. The weapon will also receive a unique buff of 50% more Critical Chance on top of the weapon’s total Crit Chance. This bonus Crit Chance is not affected by mods and is one of the things that makes the Buzlok interesting.

The Buzlok has low Slash Damage, dealing mostly Impact, followed up by Puncture. This keeps the Buzlok from being a favored weapon, especially in the current “Slash-is-best” meta. It’s primary Damage types make it ideal for popping shields and doing Damage to Armor, especially with the high Crit Chance after a beacon is fired.

Crit or Status?

The Buzlok is probably best served by boosting its Critical Chance and adding extra Damage types that will make up for its lack of Slash and Slash procs. Boost the Critical Chance, shoot the baddies with a beacon, and unleash the swarm of bullets to chop them down to piles of mush. Rinse, repeat.

The Buzlok is nothing if not interesting and unique. The best recommendation I can give is to use it as something to have fun with, but don’t invest more than you want into it because it won’t return dividends until well after 5 forma have been spent.

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