Weapon 101 – Kronen / Kronen Prime

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The Kronen: a Tonfa pair that will slice through your enemies. Added in August of 2014 with Operation Cryotic Front, Kronen is a fan-designed weapon that was later followed by Kronen Prime in March 2018, alongside Zephyr Prime. 


How to Acquire

Kronen’s Blueprint can be purchased for 65,000 credits from the Market after reaching MR3. It is a bit expensive, needing some mid-game planetary resources as well as a pair of Argon Crystals. You’ll need to get to Saturn for the Nano Spores and Plastids, unless you pick them up as a Bounty Reward. 

Also note, once you have built and mastered Kronen do not sell it. It is a component for Boltace, so hang onto it. 

  • Credits
    Credits 20,000
  • Ferrite
    Ferrite 1,500
  • Nano Spores
    Nano Spores 2,000
  • Plastids
    Plastids 1,000
  • Argon Crystal
    Argon Crystal 2

Kronen Prime is one of the larger Prime builds. You’ll need 5 drops including the Blueprint to complete the set, along with a handful of Orokin Cells. You’ll also need to reach MR8 before you can build it. 

Stats by Variant

kronen stats warframe
kronen prime stats warframe

Both Kronen and Kronen Prime do deliver damage across all IPS Damage types, but are Slash-focused weapons. Compared to other Tonfas, they do have the lowest Damage in their Class at 65 and 66 respectively, but in exchange they have the highest attack speed. Neither excel in Critical Chance, but they do boast a high Status Chance. They also come with a Madurai (V) stance Polarity and Kronen Prime will grant you extra Madurai (V) and Naramon (-) slots. Switching to Kronen Prime will grant you higher stats almost across the board. This includes a jump from 5% to 12% for Crit Chance, 20% to 24% for Status Chance, and 1.08 to 1.17 for Attack Speed, putting it up there with some of the fastest Melee Weapons.

Crit or Status?

As you may suspect, if you’re going to pick a path, both of these are build for Status Weapons. Kronen Prime can be pushed to 100%, but you’ll need all four 60/60 Mods along with Drifting Contact and Enduring Strike. Given its high Slash Damage, modding for Viral would be a nice combo. Considering the amount of mod slots doing so will consume, you may want to consider upping Status Chance some then buffing your Damage and Attack Speed.

Kronen and Kronen Prime can make quick work of your enemies. While you’re slicing and mastering the base variant, keep an eye out for the Prime parts, but don’t forget to hang on to the base variant for Boltace. Also, likely due to Kronen being used as a crafting component, it currently has a very high Riven Disposition, so there is a ton of potential out there.

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