Wukong gets a rework!

Only on PC at present, with consoles to follow shortly, Wukong has received a rework… and what a rework! These changes pretty much make him an all new frame, but I don’t want to make this a Warframe 101 article, so let’s just take a high-level look, shall we?

Stat Changes

His Health has been increased to 150 and his Shield has been dropped to 100, mostly to benefit from his changes better supporting Armor. In addition, he also has received an Energy increase to 120.

Ability Changes

His Passive is now his source of Immortality, most likely to appease those that were complaining at the changes to Defy. Now, three times per mission, Wukong will receive the following on taking fatal damage:

  • Immortality for 2 seconds
  • 50% of Health restored
  • One random buff from the following: triple elemental Damage for 60 seconds, Invisibility for 30 seconds, Invulnerability for 30 seconds, extra loot drops for 60 seconds, or 4x more Energy from Energy orbs for 60 seconds

Celestial Twin: His first Ability will now spawn a clone! This will attack using the opposite attack of what the player is using, i.e., it wil attack at range if the player is using melee, and vice versa.

Cloud Walker: His second Ability is still Cloud Walker, but this will now disorient enemies as he passes through them, AND will passively heal Wukong and his clone while enabled. Note that this Ability will also bypass laser traps and doors!

Defy: His third Ability is still called Defy, but it is quite different to his previous Immortaility. Now, it has become a taunt, which will provide Wukong and his clone with Immortaility for a short period. During this time, incoming Damage is stored and dealt back at the end of this immortality period with a long-range staff spin attack. In addition to this, there is also a buff to Wukong and his clone’s Armor based on the amount of Damage absorbed.

Primal Fury: Lastly, Primal Fury remains his exalted pole dance, which will utilise a brand new combo (one that is based on the upcoming melee 3.0 changes). Stats have been improved all round, and will always deal long-range Damage.

Changes to Augments

As his first Ability is no longer Iron Jab (RIP),  this mod will now become a Celestial Twin augment,  allowing Wukong to command his clone to do a massive slam attack, suspending and disorienting enemies.

His Primal Rage augment will remain much the same, but will have some minor upgrades – the cap for Critical Chances has been increased to 150% and the bonus per kill to 15%, with a slowdown on the drain of this increase.

Overall, these changes make Wukong sound far more appealing than he was previously. In fact, just by the sound of them, I have a feeling Wukong will become a player favourite for many. We’ve heard from a few people in our Discord already (as well as on Twitter, thanks to WalkerNoble a la The Faves podcast fame) that Wukong is now a beast. I can’t wait to test him in action myself!

For more information on this and the additional changes that came along with this mini update, check the forum post with the Update Notes.

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