DE teases The New War once again…

We were of course expecting to hear news about The New War at this years’ TennoCon, and Digital Extremes delivered. While all we got on the main stage was a new trailer, there’s a lot to unpack in there.

For those that are across the story, there is clearly alot to be excited about – that last character that the camera pans in on at the end is apparently Natah’s brother (I didn’t catch his name, sadly), who is leading the attack. While I was slightly concerned that perhaps this wouldn’t be much of a war, it clearly is, with the Sentients attacking throughout the system. I’m damned excited. I’m also keen to understand how DE plans to close out this massive arc, if that is indeed the plan…

Check out the trailer below.

What we didn’t hear though, was a firm release date beyond “Christmas 2019”. I guess that’s not too far away at this stage, but I at least was hoping this was closer to release. That said, DE has stated on several occasions that this is not a simple story quest – this will include whole new locations, enemies, and a whole bunch more, makiing it more of an expansion on the game… In that case, the extended date is understandable,and we just want it to be amazing. If it takes another 6 months to make it amazing? We aren’t going anywhere in the meantime!

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