Episode 51 – TennoCon 2019 Special

Oh boy. It’s that time of year again. If you’re a lucky Tenno – that is, if you live in or near Canada – then it’s likely you made the pilgrimage to TennoCon, Warframe’s Annual Fan Conference. Or, alternatively, if you had (or had the forethought to save) the cash, you may have taken the trip.

For the rest of us, though, DE thankfully streams the most important reveals of the event, and  the Cephalons were there to see what went down.

And it was a good year this year.

No, scratch that – it was a GREAT year. There is a lot of really interesting stuff coming to Warframe in the coming months.


  • News: Spiderman movie teaser, Moa prop, Discord bundle, TennoCon items in Warframe store
  • Discussion: TennoCon 2019 

Episode Notes:

There was a TennoCon sneak peek before Spiderman: Far From Home at select cinemas in the

Artists from Volpin Props built a life-sized Moa for TennoCon!

Discord nitro users can now grab themselves a free Saryn bundle, which contains Saryn Deluxe Orphid Skin (but no Saryn) , Melia Sugatra, Embolist Armor Bundle, Samia Syandana, and more!

TennoCon merch is headed to the Warframe store for the first time ever! Including the cool Clem bobblehead!

New Cinematic Intro!

Wukong Prime Access!

Nightwave Series 2!

The New War! 

Empyrean (Railjack) Demo!

The Duviri Paradox!


(Warning: LONG.)

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