Episode 53 – Weapon Evolution in Warframe

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This week saw Digital Extremes add a new Secondary Weapon to the game – and on top of that, they saw fit to give an existing weapon an interesting new passive. This led us to think about how weapons have evolved over the course of the game, which was an interesting discussion. We hope that even more interesting ideas will come to the game in the future.


  • News: more info on Squad Link, Prime Vault reopens, Quatz Collection is released on PC, Nightwave Series 2 episode 2 is out, Fan Forged Collection, a new player competition run by DE, and a new in-game event
  • Discussion: The evolution of weapons in Warframe
  • Beginner topic: Beginner topic roundup, Episodes 25-52!
  • Advanced topic: Advanced topic roundup, Episodes 25-52!

Episode Notes:

Partner/Fansite Applications are open again – join us!

Turns out Squad Link is more than just Ship to ground…COOL!

Main Stage Panels are now available on YouTube as their own standalone videos – go check them out.

The Prime Vault is open again! (Nyx, Rhino, Ankyros, Boltor, Hikou, Scindo, and more!)

Quatz collection released on PC… this is a cool new secondary, but the Amphis was also included in the bundle, as it has had some changes!

Nightwave Series 2, Episode 2 is out – go watch, we’ll wait!

The 5th For Fans, By Fans collection now available – check it out at forfansbyfans.com

The “Frame By Frame” competition is running – more details in the official Warframe forums!

The Proxy Rebellion has begun – head on over to your platform and get battling those crafty Corpus!

Thanks for listening – please use the Contact Us link at the top of the page if you have any feedback!

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