Lore 10 – The Chimera Prologue (and more) & Baro Ki’Teer


Welcome to our 10th Lorecast! DAMN. That went quick.

This episode, we look to get up to speed with the main storyline, covering The Chimera Prologue, the Wolf of Saturn Six, and The Jovian Concord – and you may be as surprised as we were to find out all the juicy bits of info we found therein!

And with Baro Ki’Teer’s special relay coming alongside TennoCon this weekend, Cephalon Lucas thought it was a good opportunity to look into his backstory – he really has quite the interesting (and tear-jerking) tale.

Be warned, we aren’t kidding about the SPOILERS – we definitely recommend you experience these in game, and not in our podcast, so consider this a MAJOR warning! If you haven’t played The Chimera Prologue (at the very least), don’t listen to this one… In fact, this episode even covers some of the events in the Ropalolyst Quest, so you really have to be completely  up to date!

Otherwise… Check it out! 

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