Mini 28 – Mesa

Mesa, the Outcast, born of Alad V’s experimentation with the Mutalist Strain, is the pistol weilder of Warframe. With Abilities that all centre around projectiles (and the mitigation of such), she’s a monster at a distance. And when you’ve finally levelled her and put on a bunch of mods, you just wait until you cast her 4th Ability and watch all of the enemies fade away…

A great solo frame, a great DPS frame, and – let’s face it – just a great frame for every player to have in their arsenal.

Mesa Abilities:

  • Passive – Marksman’s Dexterity
  • 1 – Ballistic Battery
  • 2 – Shooting Gallery 
  • 3 – Shatter Shield
  • 4 – Peacemaker


  • Ballistic Bullseye
  • Muzzle Flash
  • Staggering Shield
  • Mesa’s Waltz

And in YouTube form...

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