Mini 30 – Nekros

Nekros, the edgelord, master of the dead, bringer-to-lifer of things no longer alive. Nekros’ Abilities center on both life and death, with a passive that grants him Health when enemies die near him, and Abilities that make him both a solid Support frame AND tank. You do want to use his Augments, as well as a couple of quite difficult mods to acquire, but Nekros is definitely worth tracking down.

Nekros Abilities:

  • Passive – Soul Siphon
  • 1 – Soul Punch
  • 2 – Terrify
  • 3 – Desecrate
  • 4 – Shadows of the Dead


  • Soul Survivor
  • Creeping Terrify
  • Despoil
  • Shield of Shadows

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