Nightwave Series 2 welcomes The Emissary

In Nightwave Series 1, players tackled the Wolf of Saturn Six. This effectively played out as a series of challenges in game, including several encounters with the Wolf himself (if you were lucky), although the story played out as a kind of Radio Drama on the player’s Orbiter.

Series 2 is, of course, much the same, with players completing daily and weekly acts in order to gain standing that is used to unlock rewards. Over time, we will watch and listen as Nora night narrates the story across several short episodes.

To kick things off, we learn that there is a child somewhere in the system with the power to heal – but who is also immune to the Infestation. While that is all we know at this point, I’m sure there’s much more to this child than meets the eye…

Rank Rewards

  1.  Emissary Creds x150
  2. Emissary Sigil
  3. Robotic Slots x2
  4. Nora Stencil
  5. Keratose Sugatra
  6. Emissary Creds x50
  7. Mod: Efficient Beams (Convectrix)
  8. Forma bundle
  9. EmissaryEmblem
  10. Arlo Statue
  11. Orokin Reactor
  12. Emissary Creds x50
  13. Kuva x20,000
  14. Warframe Slot
  15. Devotee Noggle Bundle
  16. Emissary Creds x50
  17. Exilus Adapter
  18. “Ancient” Scrawl Art
  19. Spore Ephemera
  20. Mod: exposing Harpoon (Harpak)
  21. Emissary Creds x50
  22. Two-Handed Nikana Skin
  23. Mod: Meticulous Aim (Vulkar)
  24. Emissary Creds x50
  25. Forma Bundle
  26. Umbra Forma
  27. Arcane Grace
  28. Protosomid Shoulder Guard
  29. Chitoid Sentinel Bundle
  30. Emissary Operator Collection

Nightwave Series 2: The Emissary is out now on all platforms.

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